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In the Witching Hour

Pixies, Beneath the Eyrie – The band’s newest release was recorded at a recording studio in Ulster County, New York, that used to be a church. It had a Gothic feel that inspired the general vibe of the album, and … Continue reading

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A Jaded Monarch

The Jade Emperor is a significant character in Journey to the West, in which Sun Wukong challenges his rule over the universe for no real reason other than because he wanted recognition. He’s more or less the head of the … Continue reading

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Lend Me Your Coat

The selkies of Irish and Scottish folklore, as mentioned in songs by Frank Black and Tori Amos, are part of a larger tradition of shape-shifting animals marrying humans. The selkies are seal-people who live in the water but occasionally shed … Continue reading

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All the Girls Are Complicated

It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to any new music. I just got my late anniversary present from my wife, however, and it included three albums that came out this year. All by artists I already knew, mind … Continue reading

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