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The World Es Mi Familia

Coco – SPOILERS! It seems like, whenever someone wants to make a movie about Mexican culture, they gravitate toward Dia de Muertos, which I guess makes sense. Although different in many ways, Fox’s The Book of Life had some similar … Continue reading

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Bread Dead Redemption

Today is All Souls’ Day in the Catholic liturgical calendar, and the Day of the Dead in Mexico (which I think is actually two days; this is the second one). I never knew that much about either holiday, but I … Continue reading

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Two Strings Attached

Kubo and the Two Strings – WARNING! SPOILERS! I thought this film looked interesting, but I didn’t get around to watching it until I’d heard some good things about it, and borrowed the DVD from Netflix. I think it was … Continue reading

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Big Bones

This probably would have been more appropriate before Halloween, but I think we can all appreciate a good animated skeleton at any time of year. On Tumblr, I came across a picture and description of the Gashadokuro, sometimes simply known … Continue reading

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Mummies for Dummies

Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, translated by Raymond O. Faulkner – The Book of the Dead, more accurately translated “Book of Going Forth by Day,” is a collection of spells used in ancient Egyptian funerary rites. It isn’t really … Continue reading

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