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Bad Hombres and Nasty Women

Last night was the last presidential debate of the season, hosted by Chris Wallace. No, not the late Biggie Smalls, but the mutant rodent from Fox News. Not THAT mutant rodent. This will hopefully be the last time Donald Trump … Continue reading

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Don’t Care About Health Care

Mitt Romney, the man who started a health care plan in Massachusetts that was a model for ObamaCare, is now saying that uninsured people don’t have to worry because they can just go to the emergency room. Shouldn’t that be … Continue reading

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He Robs from the Poor and Gives to the Rich, Stupid Bitch

When I write political posts, I’m not sure I ever get out what I really want to say. Still, occasionally something comes up on which I don’t want to keep silent, and this time it’s President Obama considering cutting Medicare … Continue reading

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