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Nobody Ever Suspects the Butterfly

Picture by Carsten Witte In this post about a Chinese drama, there’s a mention of butterfly demons, and some possibilities as to how this links to mythology. Butterflies are apparently considered manifestations of the soul in Greek, Chinese, and Japanese culture. … Continue reading

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It’s All About Soul

Soul – Pixar’s latest film is the first with a Black lead character, but far from the first that deals with metaphysical concepts and what makes life meaningful. Jamie Foxx voices Joe Gardner (hey, I know a guy online with … Continue reading

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The Art of the Infernal Deal

I can’t say I totally buy the trope of deals with the Devil. If you actually believe in Satan, you presumably also believe in all the Heaven and Hell stuff, and is there any case where being tortured eternally is … Continue reading

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Save Our Souls

There’s a saying that I’m sure you’ve come across on occasion: “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” It’s often misattributed to C.S. Lewis, but I don’t think he ever actually said anything of … Continue reading

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But We Think That We’re Above the Pigs, Sheep, Cows

Looks like Pope Francis, while pretty liberal in some areas, thinks it’s terrible when people don’t have children. I have to say the insistence of some religions on being fruitful and multiplying strikes me as a bit out of date. … Continue reading

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Oh My Soul

Have I ever mentioned how Beth likes to watch and listen to things that annoy her? I sometimes do as well, but I find that my tolerance isn’t always as high. Back when Glenn Beck had his Fox News show, … Continue reading

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