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Serendipity, My Dear Watson

The daily e-mail I get from Wikipedia mentioned about a week ago that the word “serendipity” was first used in a letter Horace Walpole dated 28 January 1754. The word has come to signify unintended good fortune, but where did … Continue reading

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You’re a Rich God, and You’ve Gone Too Far

One interesting Twitter feed to which I subscribe is Godchecker, which features humorous but generally accurate information on many different deities. The site’s creator has a book out, which I don’t own, but I’d like to. Anyway, a few days … Continue reading

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Requiem for Ravana

Since I attended a horror convention yesterday, I figured I might as well look at a villain for my weekly mythology post. One who came to mind pretty quickly was Ravana, the bad guy in the Ramayana. In the epic, … Continue reading

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