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Putting the Crap Back in Christmas

Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas – We knew this movie would be bad, and it totally lived up to our expectations. Beth, who will intentionally watch terrible things, has a weird fascination with Kirk Cameron, obnoxiously smug teen heartthrob turned obnoxiously … Continue reading

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Battle for the Holidays

This might well be the last post I make before Christmas Day, and I wanted to direct your attention to this post on Northier Than Thou, which sums up the problems with the imagined War on Christmas. While the religious … Continue reading

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Santa Claus Is a Black Man

When Megyn Kelly of Fox News says she wants a white Christmas, she doesn’t mean it in quite the same way Irving Berlin did. By now there have been many responses to Kelly’s rant about how Santa Claus has to … Continue reading

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Sounds Like Arius Was on the Naughty List

I’ve written before about St. Nicholas, the fourth-century Bishop of Myra who eventually morphed into today’s Santa Claus, and whose feast day is today (well, actually yesterday at this point, thanks to the lines at Walmart). The most famous story … Continue reading

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A Russian Religious Rip-Off

Slavic mythology is not as well attested as the beliefs of other contemporary societies, with records being sparse. Still, it appears that at least one of the main gods, if not THE main god, was a storm deity named Perun. … Continue reading

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Santa’s Ho-Ho-Home Turf

When L. Frank Baum wrote about Santa Claus, he was describing a distinctly American figure, but one who was American by way of Europe. The fat, jolly, bearded man in the red suit who slid down chimneys to give gifts … Continue reading

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