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No Beef with Aengus

Aengus Og, or Aengus the Younger, is an Irish deity associated with love and creativity. There are said to be four birds constantly flying around his head. Aengus was the son of an illicit affair between the Dagda and Boann, … Continue reading

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The Drinking Fairy’s Diet

Leprechauns are omnipresent at this time of year, despite the fact that they don’t really have anything to do with St. Patrick per se. I think it’s mostly just that they’re of Irish origin and look good on decorations and … Continue reading

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A Brief Visit to Tir na n’Og

Before the exploration of the world made it necessary for fairylands to be located in alternate universes, dimensional pockets, or far-off planets, it was pretty common for the writers of legends to set them in unexplored or barely explored regions … Continue reading

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