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Perrying the Trump

Rick Perry has recently made the news for his criticism of Donald Trump, because really, what else does he have to distinguish himself from the other Republican candidates? I know I sometimes confuse him with Ted Cruz. Running for President … Continue reading

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A Whole New World Order

Conspiracy theorists love to talk about something called the “New World Order,” leaving the rest of us to wonder what this actually means and why it’s a bad thing. After all, it’s not like the CURRENT world order is without … Continue reading

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We All Hate Poverty, War, and Injustice, Unlike the Rest of You Squares

The latest episode of Real Time (which, by the way, had John Waters on the panel) ended with Bill Maher talking about Occupy Wall Street, which I kind of didn’t know was still a thing. Then again, I also forget … Continue reading

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It’s the Government, Stupid

One Republican line I’ve come across a few times recently is that the Occupy Wall Street movement isn’t too different from the Tea Party. Well, maybe in that neither group has clearly defined goals, but beyond that I’m not so … Continue reading

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Miserable Ministries

Recently, Beth has sent me links to information on a few different weird religious movements. One is the New Apostolic Reformation, who were major sponsors of Rick Perry’s prayer rally. I don’t think there’s any evidence that Perry himself belongs … Continue reading

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Under the Corporate Boot and Loving It

I’m not happy about the Republican gains in both houses of Congress, but I’m not surprised either. It’s not like the Democrats really did much with their majority, or at least not much that they were willing to publicize. The … Continue reading

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Teabagging Good, Sex Bad

The latest yahoo elected in a Republican primary by the Tea Party movement is Christine O’Donnell, who’s apparently so far out there that even Karl Rove is criticizing her. And when you’re crazy enough that Rove doesn’t want to support … Continue reading

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