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Aslan Will Provide

When reading Katherine Langrish’s reviews of the Chronicles of Narnia while having the theme of civilization on my mind, I thought about how Narnia is considerably more anti-civilization than Oz, even if I don’t recall the word being used (which … Continue reading

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Where Virtue Is Victorious

When looking at a Tor article about mapping fantasy lands, which I previously looked at here, I noticed that the description for post-Wizard Oz gave it a Virtue level of two, defined as “Overriding harmony in world, active championing of … Continue reading

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Is Your World-Building Up to Code?

While I generally find the results to be the really interesting part, I also find how fictional worlds are created to be quite intriguing. J.R.R. Tolkien is often held up as an author whose fantasy works take place in a … Continue reading

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Humanity Has Its Privileges

I’ve recently been engrossed in Ana Mardoll’s deconstruction of the Chronicles of Narnia, which has so far reached Chapter 11 of Prince Caspian. One quite valid point she made is why it is considered so important that Narnia be ruled … Continue reading

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