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No Guests Like Gnomes for the Holidays

I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone else who’s played the Sims games that they’re incredibly addictive and time-consuming. I’ll generally set goals for when I’ll take a break or at least switch households, but then I often find … Continue reading

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It Don’t Feel Much Like a Home Without a Dog (or Cat)

The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs – I’ve gotten the expansion pack that lets you have pets in all four Sims games. While I don’t necessarily get pets for every active household, I do for many, as it just seems … Continue reading

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Achieving Simmortality

I usually try to keep my Sims living as long as possible. I mean, I made the effort in creating them, after all. The Sims games all include ways to cheat death, although they’re not all equally effective. In the … Continue reading

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They’ll Never Stop the Sims

I recently had a desire to play some Sims, but The Sims 3 was having problems. It took hours to load, and when it did it tended to crash after I only played it for a little while. I tried … Continue reading

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Holiday for Sims

I’m now playing The Sims 3 with the Seasons expansion pack, and one thing that’s immediately obvious is how the holidays are given generic names instead of real-world ones. This does make a certain amount of sense, as they don’t … Continue reading

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Sim Brother Is Watching You

When I’m on the computer, I spend a lot of my time either writing posts or playing The Sims 3, so I thought maybe I could combine the two. One thing I noticed is that kids have an automatic curfew … Continue reading

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Learning to Dungeon Crawl

I’ve written before about how role-playing video games don’t necessarily let you play a role, mostly due to programming limitations. This article made me think of the topic again, and I get the impression that they’re mostly just role-playing games … Continue reading

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