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Strangers with Bizarre Fruit

WARNING: SPOILERS for the Sims 4 Strangerville expansion I’ve gotten back into The Sims 4 recently, although I’m starting to get a little tired of it now. A while ago, I read something where people were complaining about how the … Continue reading

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Learning to Dungeon Crawl

I’ve written before about how role-playing video games don’t necessarily let you play a role, mostly due to programming limitations. This article made me think of the topic again, and I get the impression that they’re mostly just role-playing games … Continue reading

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Simerican Gothic

I find it interesting that the Sims creators have some notion of ongoing storylines for the pre-made characters, particularly the Goth family. In the original Sims, Mortimer Goth, his wife Bella, and their daughter Cassandra automatically share the neighborhood with … Continue reading

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Role Control

As a fan of role-playing video games, I feel I should mention that most of them really don’t feature true role-playing, in the sense of really getting into a character’s head. Do you really play the role of Cloud Strife … Continue reading

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Eye of the Watcher

I haven’t been playing The Sims Medieval since getting The Sims 3, but I would like to touch on one aspect of the former game, namely that of religion. For the most part, it seems that the Sims games have … Continue reading

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Repaying Good with Medieval

There is a tendency in our media to romanticize the Middle Ages, and The Sims Medieval is no exception. The game takes place in a world of wizards, dragons, and questing knights, where chivalry is in full force and everyone … Continue reading

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