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Space Between the Oddballs Is So Very Long

Frank Black, Oddballs – Released in 2000, this one is a collection of B-sides and other material that hadn’t been properly released on an album. The name reflects both the nature of the album and the title of one of … Continue reading

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All-Night Sucker

While writing an Oz story that featured two characters who kept goats, I decided to stick in a brief appearance by a chupacabra. The name literally means “goat-sucker,” and they’re a sort of vampiric animal allegedly native to Central America … Continue reading

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I’m Crossing Over TV Lines

Between reading Full House Reviewed and Beth watching a lot of Norman Lear programs recently, I’ve been thinking about spin-offs, crossovers, and shared universes. I’m sure most of you are aware that The Jeffersons and Maude are both spin-offs of … Continue reading

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A Different Video World

I just recently found out about the Game Theory videos on YouTube. They’re somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but with a definite sense of wanting to teach something and explore how the world of video games works, which is pretty similar to what … Continue reading

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