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Don’t You Know About the Record Business, Honey?

I’ve pretty much given up on American Idol, but my wife still watches it (yeah, for anyone wondering, we’re still living together), so I’ll occasionally catch a few minutes of it here and there. Recently, she was watching the week … Continue reading

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Not Into Jabberwocky

One interesting quote from John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants that I’d seen before came up in this post on the song “Love Is Eternity”: “We’re not into jabberwocky. I feel like we could write a song with the … Continue reading

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The World Accordion to Nerd Culture

The accordion is one of those instruments that has a reputation for being annoying, but seems to have grown in acceptance as of late. One major point in its favor is its versatility. I seem to recall hearing on NPR … Continue reading

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Ukulele Me

Is it just a reflection of my own taste in music, or is the ukulele, previously relegated mostly to novelty tunes and Hawaiian music, been enjoying somewhat of a comeback in recent years? I like to think it’s at least … Continue reading

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New and Troubling Questions

The new They Might Be Giants album bears the long but clever title Album Raises New and Troubling Questions, and the main question raised is, “How did they release this so quickly, with so little fanfare?” I think it fits … Continue reading

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They Haven’t Yet Built the Man That’ll Keep Old Johnny Down

They Might Be Giants have been my official favorite band for some years now, dating back to when it was much easier for me to choose a favorite because I didn’t have albums by that many artists. This isn’t the … Continue reading

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Duende-ling in Unbelief

If you’ve looked at the tracklist for the upcoming They Might Be Giants album, you might have noticed a song in the list called “They Might Be Duende.” I haven’t heard of this song being leaked yet, and a search … Continue reading

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