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Listen to Her Play, Has Something to Say

I’ve liked Nellie McKay for several years now, and I think she might actually live fairly locally, but I’d only ever seen her live once, five and a half years ago. I noticed somewhere online that she was doing a … Continue reading

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One True Parody

In a recent NPR interview with “Weird Al” Yankovic, he responds to a question about Cookie Monster‘s parody of “Call Me Maybe” with “Yeah, Cookie Monster is my No. 1 competition right now.” Apparently he’s forgetting that Cookie Monster did … Continue reading

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Well, It’s a Paradigm Shift Now

Are you all ready for some Mandatory Fun? “Weird Al” Yankovic’s fourteenth album just came out this week, and he says there’s a good chance it will be his last physical record. That’s not to say he’s retiring, just seriously … Continue reading

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Yo, Ding Dong, Man, Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Yo

While “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Polka Party! didn’t sell all that well, Al came back onto the scene with 1988’s Even Worse, with its lead single again parodying Michael Jackson with a food-related theme. This was the first time the album … Continue reading

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A Mathematician in the Music World

Since Tom Lehrer’s birthday (he’s now eighty-four) was on Monday, here’s a video of the man himself performing “I Got It From Agnes”: I’ve been a Lehrer fan for some time now, and I think my first exposure might have … Continue reading

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