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Now You’re Speaking My Language

I’ve written before about the Tower of Babel, the weird story from Genesis that explains why people speak so many different languages. Exactly why this needed a mythical explanation isn’t entirely clear. People speak different languages because they developed in different … Continue reading

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The Art of the Infernal Deal

I can’t say I totally buy the trope of deals with the Devil. If you actually believe in Satan, you presumably also believe in all the Heaven and Hell stuff, and is there any case where being tortured eternally is … Continue reading

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This Is Maui Do It

Moana – The second Disney animated feature released this year focuses on the Pacific Islands, an area they hadn’t really explored before. Okay, Lilo & Stitch took place in Hawaii, but didn’t focus on native Hawaiian lore. This movie isn’t … Continue reading

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Don’t Count Your Turnips Before They’re Transformed

German and Czech folklore have a figure called Rübezahl or Krakonoš, who lives in the Krkonoše Mountains that formed the traditional border between Bohemia and Silesia. It’s not entirely clear what kind of creature he is, as he’s sometimes referred … Continue reading

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Stark Raven Mad

Ravens appear quite frequently in mythology, from the raven that Noah sent out from the Ark that didn’t bother to come back to Odin’s messengers to a trickster figure from the Pacific Northwest. The fact that they can mimic human … Continue reading

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