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A Samodiva Is the Female Version of a Varkolak

In Anne Nesbet’s A Box of Gargoyles, one of the effects of the strange magic affecting Paris is that some ordinary women turn into Samodivi, described as a sort of Bulgarian vampire. What I’ve found online suggests that, while they … Continue reading

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Meer Adventure

Barking, by Tom Holt – This was the last of Holt’s comic fantasies that I had to read, and it’s pretty typical of him in many ways. The main protagonist is a lawyer who, when fired from his firm, joins … Continue reading

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Mission: Empusa-ble

While our culture currently has a pretty specific idea of what vampires are, legends of bloodsucking creatures aren’t limited to any one historical culture, and the details can vary quite a bit. I’ve focused on some of these regional vampires … Continue reading

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Don’t Sass the Bonsum

In J.B.S. Haldane’s My Friend Mr Leakey, the title character makes a reference to a creature from the folklore of Ghana and Togo: “And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to conjure up a devil before dinner, because tomorrow … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Body Splitters

One specific kind of aswang is the manananggal, a name that looks like a bunch of extra letters were added to it. More similar to the traditional vampire but with a twist, they’re usually female and can separate their upper … Continue reading

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All-Night Sucker

While writing an Oz story that featured two characters who kept goats, I decided to stick in a brief appearance by a chupacabra. The name literally means “goat-sucker,” and they’re a sort of vampiric animal allegedly native to Central America … Continue reading

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Bat Out of Xibalba

Picture by Abelardo A little while ago, I came across this list of lesser-known mythological monsters. One of them that interested me was the Mayan demon known as Camazotz, which basically means “death bat.” While popular culture gives vampires the … Continue reading

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