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Blood on My Internet Page

This post is mostly about music, but there’s a bit of non-musical listening featured as well. She Makes War, Brace for Impact – I wrote about Laura Kidd’s last album, Direction of Travel, two years ago. Her latest release, largely … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Earth Get in Your Eyes

Here are my thoughts on some albums I’ve heard recently, some old, some new, some borrowed, and…okay, I don’t think any of them are blue, but I’m not going to double-check the discs to find out. Robyn Hitchcock, A Star … Continue reading

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Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth

It’s Earth Day, the celebration of the planet that’s just the right distance from the sun to support life. Some people cite this phenomenon as proof that God exists, but if that’s the case, why did He create so many … Continue reading

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Ukulele Me

Is it just a reflection of my own taste in music, or is the ukulele, previously relegated mostly to novelty tunes and Hawaiian music, been enjoying somewhat of a comeback in recent years? I like to think it’s at least … Continue reading

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Good Kim-istry

I first became aware of Kim Boekbinder as part of Vermillion Lies, the band she was in with her sister Zoe. I saw them open for Amanda Palmer two years ago, and liked them so much that I purchased all … Continue reading

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