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When Humor and Anti-Humor Collide

I found this post by Amy to be interesting, as I think we have similar senses of humor in many respects, and I’m somewhat fascinated by the concept of anti-humor. I’ve never come across the “No soap, radio!” joke in … Continue reading

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Let Me Finish

I checked out the third volume of Walt Kelly’s Pogo strips, Evidence to the Contrary, which runs from from 1953 to 1954. As acknowledged in the notes at the back of the volume, this is when the strip started getting … Continue reading

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Rattle Me Bones

Bone, by Jeff Smith – A series of graphic novels starring three cousins, the noble Fone Bone, the dimwitted Smiley Bone, and the greedy, scheming Phoncible P. “Phoney” Bone. After Phoney is run out of the city of Boneville for … Continue reading

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My Old Daddy Isn’t Stirring Since My Momma’s Been in Stir

Pogo: Through the Wild Blue Wonder, by Walt Kelly – I’ve been on a bit of old comics kick recently, what with the Carl Barks volume I just read and the two Popeye collections I have checked out from the … Continue reading

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Down Mexico Way

The Three Caballeros is another Disney animated feature I hadn’t seen before, although the Caballeros were in the middle of the swimming pool of the hotel where Beth and I stayed on our Walt Disney World honeymoon. This was basically … Continue reading

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