The Egghead Experience

Elmer Fudd appears to have more or less evolved from a character named Egghead, called that after his egg-shaped head. (No surprises there, anyway.) Created by Tex Avery and first seen in 1937, Egghead sported a hairstyle like Moe Howard.

In 1938, a variety of the Egghead character appeared without the hair and identified by a sign as Elmer Fudd.

Michael Barrier, author of Hollywood Cartoons, suggests that Egghead and Elmer were originally considered brothers, as per this 1939 publicity sheet:

It’s Elmer who went on to thrive (well, in a matter of speaking) as Bugs Bunny’s erstwhile killer, but Egghead apparently did make a few cameos later on. Anyway, making the shift to another Looney Tunes character, Foghorn Leghorn is often seen babysitting a chick named Egghead Jr., identified as the son of the hen Miss Prissy.

I don’t suppose cartoon genetics are so messed up as to allow the hen to have had a child with Elmer’s brother? Okay, probably not.

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