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American Birdbrain

You’ve probably heard the story about how Benjamin Franklin wanted the American national bird to be the turkey instead of the bald eagle. I first learned it on a first-grade field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, and I remember one … Continue reading

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Cowardly Beginnings

The Way of a Lion: A Tale of Oz, by Jared Davis – This story originally appeared in the 2013 Oziana, but it’s now available in miniature book form from the author. It includes some additional illustrations by Sam Milazzo, … Continue reading

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The Crocotta Hunter

With my interest in fantastic creatures of legend, it’s kind of surprising I hadn’t come across the leucrota before reading Rick Riordan’s The Demigod Diaries. This monster is first mentioned in the work of Pliny the Elder in the first … Continue reading

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Manticore Values

In my examination of mythical monsters, I now move on to the manticore, a beast said to live in Persia. In the fourth century BC, a Greek physician named Ctesias put forth a description of the animal. It has the … Continue reading

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You Must Avenge My Death, Kimba…I Mean Simba

The Lion King – Apparently this movie did a lot better than expected, originally being considered by Disney as sort of a lower-tier project, but emerging as the highest-grossing animated film of its time (it’s since been surpassed by Toy … Continue reading

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Lion About Habitat

This post is primarily about Oz, but my idea for it came from a non-Oz-related source. When I was reading about the movie Mean Girls, I came across the information that among the animals shown in pictures from Africa were … Continue reading

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